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Monda Original Characters Yuuki Nanase (R18) 1/6 Scale Figure

$24209 $26899

Yuuki Nanase Original Character by Monda is asserting dominance as a scale figure!

Futa among Futas Monda's original character Yuuki Nanase has become the talk of the town. This succubus is such a badass cutie reproduced with loaded assets while bearing the classic succubus outfit.

A swell body should of course come with a charming face. Yuuki Nanase includes accessories such as a cute devil familiar pre-owned condoms that were filled to the brim like there's no tomorrow. . . and etc.

Her lower body has 3 exchangeable parts!
①Female part
②Futanari part
③Futanari part that cums with protection
You can use the red stool as a storage for her exchangeable parts!

Bouzurocket was in charge of sculpt and took Yuuki Nanase like a man! Finishing touches were done by Rocket Boy. Hachiman was in charge of colors. We hope you consider Yuuki Nanase as part of your collection because we know she'll be taking your first!

Approx. 270mm in height.

SKU: RB560365FG