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Poyoyon Rock Original Character Midori & Pink Sukumizu (R18) 1/5 Scale Figure

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Coming in HOT! Poyoyon♥Rock's Sukumizu Sisters are HERE!

School Swimsuit... the first fetishism instilled to the adolescent. It's just plain one piece and not that skimpy nor sexy, but some way or another School Swimsuit will catch your attention.

Illustrated by the world's leading expert in Sukumizu genre is highly celebrated and renowned Poyoyon♥Rock. The Sukumizu Sisters brings back our fading memories of our first life encounter with the Sukumizu ...!

"Midori Sukumizu" is a bright and refreshing girl like the wind blowing during midsummer. Her Sukumizu is the perfect equipment to protect her from the summer heat and getting soaked during water fight outbreaks. Its time to preach Double Resistances and Protection.

We also have "Pink Sukumizu" donning her Gym Uniform while showing off that Sukumizu. She's a true maiden that can't conceal her embarassment and expressions at all!

Both sisters have contrasting looks and personalities to cater a wider audience (fetish?). This set is for those who have decided that take that leap of faith.

Please relive and enjoy your school memories of Sukumizu that were long sealed inside your hearts. But who am I to tell you that. I don't know everything. I just know what I know.

Approx. 280mm in height

SKU: N931941FG
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