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Kotobukiya Sousai Shoujo Teien Touou High School Summer Clothes Madoka Yuki 1/10

$4499 $4999

“To build” and “to color” are the themes that encom pass SOUSAI SHOJO TEIEN, which features girls living their everyday lives as a plastic model kit with character designs all made by the popular Japanese illustrator, En Morikura.

The character with an innocent personality, Madoka Yuki, is rejoining the lineup in her Touou High Sch ool Summer Clothes! The contrast of the white and t he navy blue in the uniform is quite striking! The packaging will also feature a new original illustration by En Morikura for fans to look forward to.

The number of parts required to assemble this model kit is fewer than that of a normal plastic model k it, making it easy to assemble for new and old fans alike. Users can enjoy a finished model close to the image on the box in a s hort amount of time just by assembling the parts to gether!

*This model kit requires additional tools such as nippers for assembly. Time required to assemble may vary by person.

4 pre-painted face parts, 3 hairstyle parts, and 3 skirt parts with varying designs are included in th is model kit for a myriad of customization options; perfect for an exciting fourth addition to the series!

Approx. 150mm

SKU: 027590UKMK
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