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Overlord Albedo (Wedding Dress) 1/7 Scale Figure


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From the worst dark fantasy "Overlord," Albedo in a beautiful wedding dress is made into a figure.

Albedo, which is three-dimensionalized based on the illustration specially drawn for the figure, expresses the delicate pattern of the dress by modeling. The dress and hair are made of clear material, and you can enjoy the beautiful and transparent gradation with the brilliance of the lace with pearl coating. The chest expresses the sheer feeling of the skin and is finished sexy. The smile that looks back at the bouquet is the supreme beauty full of love for Ainz.

Please invite a happy Albedo with a limited number of brides (delusions).

The fluttering hair expresses delicate and complicated modeling with clear material. You can enjoy the gradation that is transparent to the light. The smile of turning around the bouquet is the supreme beauty full of love and compassion for Ainz.

Notice the mermaid line wedding dress, in which the abundant body line of Albedo is beautifully coordinated, expresses a delicate pattern by modeling. You can enjoy the beautiful and transparent gradation that changes the expression depending on the viewing angle, along with the pearl coating applied to the surface using clear material.

The chest has a sexy finish that expresses a slight sheer feel of the skin and jet-black wings are carefully modeled one by one, and the surface is pearled. It changes its brilliance beautifully when illuminated by light.

A smile is full of love and compassion for Ainz, the delicate beauty of the dress, and the abundant body line. The figure is beautiful from any angle.

Approx. 250mm in height

SKU: 952265UKFG
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