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Digimon VS Series Digimon Adventure Children's War Game! Omegamon Vs. Diabolomon


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The V.S. Series is a brand new series of figures designed to condense the atmosphere of popular series into figures, and the very first in the series is Omnimon vs Diaboromon from Digimon Adventure - Our War Game!

The memorable final battle from the film has been captured just as it appeared on the screen. All the damaged parts as well as the light effect of Omnimon emerging from the Digi-Eggs have all been captured in figure form for an eye-catching piece of art!

The Kuramon and clock from the film are also included on the design to bring out the atmosphere from "Digimon Adventure - Our War Game!" even more! Omnimon features beautiful pearl and metallic paintwork while Diaboromon has a dark appearance, creating a beautiful contrast between the two.

Bring the Digital World into your collection with this figure!

Approx. 340mm in height

SKU: 830822UKFG