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Sailor Moon Petit Chara Sailor Moon (2020 Petit Punishment Ver.) and Limited Drawstring Bag Set Non-Scale Figure


The Petit Chara! Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is back again after six years in a new 2020 version! The figures are a great size to easily put on display on your desk and feature a full line-up of the five Sailor Guardians as well as Tuxedo Mask!

The new 2020 edition features bases with a brand new print that mark them as the 2020 edition. If you are lucky you might also get your hands on Luna and Artemis! Note that the figures themselves are unchanged, this version simply features new bases.

(will also include a drawstring bag featuring illustrations of the characters, ideal for holding the Petit Characters when you head out with them to cafes or events!)

Approx. 45mm in height

SKU: 828898UKUF