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Shining Resonance Excela Noa Aura Ani Statue


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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  The lovely ladies of the “Shining” series from SEGA have made for an incredible line of Ani*Statues, and up next is the first to step out of the latest game Shining Resonance: EXCELA NOA AURA

A noble dragon knight who also happens to be the imperial princess, Excela stands ready for battle.  The princess wears a highly decorated armored dress with multiple layers of fabric and panels to protect her and look good at the same time.  Her large, flaring skirt is open at the front to provide Excela room to maneuver, and intricate ruffles and bows adorn the white, purple, and black ensemble. 

The dragon knight’s torso is encased in sleek purple armor, and her long white hair is held perfectly in place by a tiara and two hair pieces with purple dragon wings.  Standing with her feet apart for stability, Excela holds at the ready her massive purple lance, itself showing off fantastic sculpting and painted details like jewels and gold musical elements. 

Sculpted by Shou Kojima, Excela Noa Aura stands just under 8 ½ inches tall (1/8 scale) on a rocky display base.  With a fierce expression on her face and her lance in hand Excela is the perfect guardian for your Shining collection!

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