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Ayaka Tachibana Illustration by Piromizu 1/6 Scale Figure (R18)


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Drawing Professor Piro Water, a popular painter, "Ayaka Tachibana (Tachibana / Ayaka)" appears as a 1/6 scale figure!

With a beautiful original illustration of the Melón Books Tapestry as a motif, we made a fantastic form trying outdoor exposure to make a uniform.

Drawing down by Mr. Piro Waters Includes cute smiling parts of different expressions. Underwear parts will be cast off specifications.
Please enjoy Ayaka's lustfulness and pretty, its two charms in your favorite style.

R18+ Figure: This item cannot be purchased by those under the age of 18 due to mature and/or explicit expression

SKU: 280624UKFG
Pre-painted, Non-articulating, Height (Approx.) 10.8", ABS & PVC, 1/6th Scale Figure