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Vagrant Story Bring Arts Ashley Riot & Sydney Losstarot Non-Scale Figure


From VAGRANT STORY, released by Square in 2000 and celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the skilled agent, Ashley Riot, and the Müllenkamp leader, Sydney Losstarot, join the BRING ARTS action figure line as a set, and it also includes a bonus Holy Win symbol keychain! Their unique costumes and silhouettes are faithfully recreated, with particular care put into the colors and textures to evoke the feel of the original game.

Accessories include Ashley’s sword and crossbow, as well as Sydney’s sword and daggers. Both come with interchangeable head sculpts and hand parts.

Additionally, the package offers a robust lineup as it also includes a keychain adorned with the Holy Win symbol, known as the Rood of St. Iocus in the English version of the game!

Figures include display stands. Figure Size:

  • Ashley: W 71mm×D 48.5mm×H 155mm
  • Sydney: W 82.5mm×D 65mm×H 145.5mm
  • Holy Win (Body): W 27.2mm×D 6.4mm×H 55.4mm
  • Holy Win (with Chain): W 27.2mm×D 6.4mm×H 115mm
SKU: 1351331UKFG