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Takeyashiki Jizaiokimono Asura Non-Scale Statue


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Kaiyodo’s partnership with sculptor Takeyuki Takeya has created magnificent creatures, deities, and more in the Revoltech Jizai Okimono line, and up next is the Buddhist battle god known as ASURA!

Originally developed in the 17th century, the jizai okimono were articulated statues of animals and dragons usually made of iron and detailed in other metals. Of course, the modern Revoltech line adds incredible articulation and action figure styling as you can see here. Asura looks like he stepped right out of an illustrated text, resplendent with his red skin, flowing robes and sashes, and of course the interesting anatomy of three heads and six arms.

The fighting deity looks amazing with a highly detailed sculpt including flame-like hair, different expressions on his three faces, and all of the intricate wrappings of his clothing including flexible tendrils that won’t interfere with posing.

Mighty Asura has a massive 33 points of articulation for a huge array of posing options and stands over 5 ½ inches tall. The figure even comes with a stylish rocky display base plus four interchangeable hands, a bow, an arrow, and two translucent crystal sphere accessories. Bring home Asura to protect your collection!

SKU: 120328UKST