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Is the Order a Rabbit? Chibikko Doll Cocoa Non-Scale Figure


We have run out of stock for this item.

Cocoa from Is the order a rabbit?? is added to the lineup!

A chair, coffee cup, coffee pot and milk pot are all included, so you can enjoy a coffee break with her.

*Including below

Body ・Hand (3 types of replacements) ・Hair parts ・Facial parts ・Scary face parts ・Doll eyes・ sparkling doll's eye, chair, coffee cup, coffee pot, milk pot・ costume・ Underwear *Tights are glued to the lower half of the body.

  • Cute deformed Rabbit House uniforms! Cocoa is also wearing tights
  • The ribbon can be untied, so please adjust it to your liking.
  • The coffee cup, coffee pot and milk pot are also cute and deformed. She might even make you a nice cup of coffee!
  • The cocoa set comes with a chair! When combined with the chino (sold separately) counter, a little Rabbit House opens up!
  • There are two kinds of faces, a straight face and a startled face! The doll eye also comes in two types, a regular eye and a glittery eye! Enjoy combining them as you wish!

Approx. 100mm in height

SKU: 108048UKFG