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Love Live! Sunshine!! Birthday Figure Project Dia Kurosawa 1/8 Scale Figure


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The Dengeki entertainment brand is celebrating the momentous occasion of its 25th anniversary with several projects, and among those is the Dengeki 25th Anniversary Special Anniversary Figure Project. The special Love Live! Sunshine!! Birthday Figure Project is a part of this exciting project, and now’s your chance to get your hands on one of these breathtaking figures!

The series features the members of Aqours from Love Live! Sunshine!! in their costumes from the song “Mirai Ticket,” and each is in 1/8 scale. As a special bonus, they all come with a clear file and message card, as well!

Joining the series at a height of 7.9” is Dia Kurosawa~ Sculpted by Deira, the figurine features Dia looking sweetly over her shoulder and reaching out to fans with an open and welcoming hand. Her pose really captures her fun personality, and that wonderful expression on her face is sure to warm the heart of any Aqours fan!

SKU: 099896UKFG