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Love Live! Sunshine!! Birthday Figure Project Mari Ohara 1/8 Scale Figure

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Celebrate the birthdays of your favorite Love Live! Sunshine!! idols through the adorable Birthday Figure Project! Each of these figures is released during the month of the character's birthday, and it's now Mari Ohara's turn to join the lineup!

Mari looks utterly adorable with a finger playfully on her chin and the other outstretched behind her standing in a knocked knees pose, but it's the little details that really make this figure shine, like her back ribbon flowing behind her, the pearlescent white of her outfit and stockings, and her cheerful smile and warm eyes sure to captivate any fan.

She's captured in 1/8 scale, reaching a height of 7.9 inches and she also comes with a beautiful little stand so she'll be ready for display right out of the box! Display her next to the other matching figures to create a sweet display!

SKU: 099841UKFG