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Original Character Gattai Atlanger Model Kit


The popular "Gattai" plastic model series that appeared in the 70's is back as the "New Gattai Series"!

  • The kit is a bundled set of "Robot Atlanger" and "Atori Hotaka".
  • "Robot Atlanger" is a common frame structure of the series and the included joint parts, allowing you to enjoy a free exchange of parts and recombination.
  • By dividing the parts and molding color-coded for Robot Atlanger, it is possible to recreate the design of almost the same settings only by assembling.
  • Atori is a newly designed body, allowing you to enjoy a variety of poses.
  • There are five different hand parts and three face parts that allow you to recreate a variety of situations with Atori Hotaka.
  • The division of parts, color-coded molding and some seals allow Atori Hotaka to be recreated almost exactly the same design as the settings with just assembly.
  • It is possible to attach the parts of Robot Atlanger to Atri Hotaka and enjoy.

Approx. 140mm in height

SKU: 058084UKMK