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Frame Arms SA-16EX Stylet Multi Weapon Expansion Test Type Model Kit

Estimated Release: Apr to May 2023

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Due to popular demand, an all new M.S.G promotional color variant of Stylet is here.

In addition to adding a new color scheme to the light and dark gray of SA-16 STYLET: RE, new connection points are attached to allow for optimal customization with a wide variety of M.S.G. goods. The dark and light gray colors used on this model match the color scheme used on M.S.G products. This color scheme enables users to customize SA-16Ex STYLET without the need to paint M.S.G products to match the model. A "Laser Blade" and "WEAPON UNIT07 TWIN LINK MAGNUM (out of production)" are also included with this kit.

Model Specifications:

■ This kit includes all new connection points, Hard Point Units, that enable more weapons and M.S.G units (sold separately) to be attached to the model than previously released models. The Hard Point Units are included on the model’s head, lower back, front armor, shoulder, forearm, back thigh, and side shin for endless assembly options with the included 3mm connecting part.

■ The color theme of the model has changed from the original blue to light gray and dark gray color theme that is more commonly used in M.S.Gs. The head sensor, forehead, and knee armor are pre-painted, giving the model a completed look with no painting required.

■ The blade of M.S.G GIMMICK UNIT04 LED SWORD is included with this kit and can be attached to the unit's forearm to act as a Laser Blade. ※ The blade is the same color the blade included in HEAVY WEAPON UNIT05 MEGA SLASH EDGE.

■ WEAPON UNIT07 TWIN LINK MAGNUM (now out of production) is also included in this kit.

■ This model is designed to attach weapons (such as HEAVY WEAPON UNIT06 EXCEED BINDER) more easily to the connecting point on the back.

■ The lower back uses a new hip joint design to allow for a vastly improved range of movement.

■ The kit includes upgraded “Frame Arms hand parts” that are easy to change out and can securely hold weapon parts.

■ The model uses Frame Architect Renewal ver. for the robot’s frame. The Frame Architect is unassembled and made of PS plastic.

※ The Frame Architect parts are not pre-assembled and only includes runners necessary to assemble this product.

Approx. 160mm in height

SKU: 019663UKMK
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