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Okami PVC Painted Okami Amaterasu Statue


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Amaterasu is the Celestial Brush goddess of the Sun and represents the dog in the twelve East Asia zodiacs. She is a white wolf with ruby-red markings throughout her body and a tail shaped like a calligraphy brush. Floating right above her is her Divine Instrument, the fiery Reflector, which she uses as a weapon to fend of evil.

Nee the revered Shiranui, master of all Celestial Brush techniques, she reincarnates a century later as the weakened Amaterasu after being defeated by the looming threat of Nippon, Orochi. She starts off with her original brush technique, Sunrise, which allows her to turn night into day and disperse any darkness foreboding.

Approx. Size: 11.02 x 9.45 x 11.02

SKU: 005592UKFG