is available in two different methods:



*Domestic shipping estimates begin after order processing and handling times of approx. 2-5 business days and is location dependent

*State and Federal holidays may extend shipping estimates; Holiday seasons may also prolong estimates

*Customers located on the West Coast and Mid-west are the closest to our hub and will therefore occasionally receive ground shipments under our Free Expedited Shipping Program as they would have the same expedited shipping time frame to be received within 3-days

via the quickest and best available option determined by either:


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For domestic orders, all shipments are shipped from within the United States as all items/products have already been imported through necessary means and, therefore, do not need to be facilitated through customs and/or duty processes. This ensures you get your items/products sooner and hassle free.
Any traditional shipping fees associated with your order as the cost of delivery will be calculated at checkout.
For orders that contain multiple items which include promotional items such as our exclusive to Free Expedited Shipping program, it does not automatically necessitate nor qualify all items as part or in the order to also be shipped via expedited methods. Rest assured, however, we always do our best to make sure all orders are received in a timely manner.
International shipments may be subject to potential payment authorization holds and origin's customs delays for an unknown period of time which may be out of our control and shall not warrant any sort of indemnity nor allow for order cancellation once shipped. Shipping details with tracking information will be provided upon shipment, in which the receiving party shall be responsible for all coordination efforts and any and all applicable import fees and taxes subject to individual country's importation laws once items/products leave U.S. boundaries.


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Orders containing multiple items that include both pre-order and stock item will be shipped together (at once) on the day the pre-order item ready for shipment. Please purchase pre-orders separately, that do not include any stock items as a part of the order upon checkout, to ensure prompt shipment of items already on hand.
Emails will be automatically sent throughout the shipment process for both domestic and international orders to keep you updated. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your shipments status, please visit our customer support page or email us at