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Payment plans are now available through services brought to you by

What is is an automated, custom payment plan (pay-over-time) 3rd party service providing enhanced payment flexibility for large one-time purchases.

How does it work?

First sign up and create a free account. Click here

Then, on qualifying orders, simply choose your down payment amount and payment plan duration.

Once your final payment has been made, your order is cleared to ship.*

How do I checkout with a payment plan?

  1. Create a free account Click here
  2. Add items to your cart
  3. Open your shopping cart – DO NOT go to the checkout page
  4. Select the 'Payment Plan with' button under Order Summary, NOT the standard 'Proceed to Checkout' button
  5. Enter your requested information
  6. Customize your payment plan
  7. Follow the steps to submit your down payment

What products qualify for a payment plan?

To qualify for a payment plan, your order's sub-total (amount before tax & shipping) needs to be $150 or more. Note: Discount codes are not valid when opting to use a payment plan.

When will my order ship?

Your order will ship once your final payment has been made.*

*Orders containing multiple items will ship once all items are in stock and pre-order items will ship after products are released and received at our facility.

How much down payment is required?

A minimum of 25% of the total purchase price.

How long is the payment plan duration (the period to pay off the full amount)?

That's the best part, you can choose a pay-over-time plan anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks.

How often will I be charged?

Payments are automatically charged either weekly equal to the number of weeks chosen in your payment plan or every 2 weeks until the balance is paid in full. You choose!

Can I pay off my payment plan early or make additional payments?

Yes, you can make manual (additional) payments at anytime by logging directly into your account.

How do refunds work with

Refunds are applied separately equal to the individual payments paid.

Does registering for a payment plan affect my credit score?

No, does not perform credit checks.

What happens if I default on my payment plan?

Your order will be canceled and all previously made payments will be individually refunded except for a 10% non-refundable fee of the original purchase price.

Why was my order cancelled?

After three declined payment attempts throughout the course of your repayment your order will go into default. As a result, your order will be canceled and your previously made payments will be individually refunded except for a 10% non-refundable fee of the original purchase price.