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How to check your pre-order item(s) status

Note: Pre-order statuses are updated as information becomes available. If your pre-order does not show a status, no information is yet available.

  1. Login to your account (or create an account if you haven't already using the email address used for your order during checkout). Requirement: The email address must match the email address used during order placement for it to properly connect and show any associated orders.
  2. Select (CLICK) the order number in question to display purchased items associated with each order.
  3. Identify item and reference the legend at the top of the page to determine what each attribute means shown below each individual item name.
  4. You will receive a shipment confirmation email along with tracking once your order ships. From that point forward, at any time, locate and click the "View your order" button located in your shipment confirmation email to track your order.

  View Pre-order Status Example:

Pre-order Status Legend

How to check your order status for a stock item

  1.  If your item has not yet shipped (meaning you have not received a shipment confirmation), either login to your account or locate the order confirmation email sent at the time of purchase and click the "View your order" button.
  2. If your item has shipped and you did receive shipment confirmation, click the "View your order" button within the shipment confirmation email to track your order.

How to create an account

Visit the home page and click "Login/Register My Account" in the top banner and click "Register" underneath the heading New Customer.

If you have shopped with us before and checked out as a guest, we recommend you create your new account using the email address used from your very first order to show and include all your order history in one place.