International Purchases


Due to a rise in fraudulent orders and charge-back claims originating from outside of the United States, all international orders must submit payment via PayPal to ensure transaction protection for the both the buyer and seller. International purchases may be subject to a 5-day processing hold or until it has been deemed that funds have been securely transferred and deposited.

For any orders received not using PayPal as a payment gateway, your order will simply be cancelled and refunded within 1-3 business days. You will then be contacted by a support team member with details on how to continue moving forward with the items you have chosen should you wish to do so.


For international orders we do not pre-calculate shipping and provide costs during check out in an effort to not overcharge our customers due to miscalculations from possible inaccurate final package weight and dimensions. Instead, when an international order is placed and when all items from the order are available to ship, we will pack and prepare your order and then email you a shipping invoice containing an accurate shipping cost for payment.

The cost seen at checkout will show $0.00, however please again be aware that the method specifically states "Charge Later or Billable shipping invoice: Shipment cost will be calculated and billed separately upon final preparation." Subtext, Total and final shipment charges will not be $0.00.

In addition, some international shipments may be subject to potential payment authorization holds and origin's customs delays for an unknown period of time which may be out of our control and shall not warrant any sort of indemnity nor allow for order cancellation once shipped.

Shipping details with tracking information will be provided upon shipment, in which the receiving party shall be responsible for all coordination efforts and any and all applicable import fees and taxes subject to individual country's importation laws once items/products leave U.S. boundaries.