Where top quality products meet precision handling and care.

Ukiyo Kumo is a premium figure retailer for 100% authentic and genuine imported Japanese figure products built on a foundation of customer-centric philosophies and providing superior shopping experiences.

Our Mission

To create innovative shopping experiences and deliver unparalleled value for each and every customer by setting aside short term economics and instead catering directly to the needs and wants of our customers.

When you shop with us, we ensure every package is treated as if it was our own. And, you shouldn't have to pay extra to receive thoughtful, professional packaging, and handling to make sure your products arrive unharmed and in the best condition possible. Here, you are not just another transaction. You are our first priority. Your experience matters and we want to deliver on it. Your trust is our health. We listen.

Core Competencies

Superior customer service, excellent prices, quality specials, quality product selection, precision care in handling, packing, shipping, and overall delivery presentation; we strive to bring you the highest value possible when buying online in an era with abundant choices.

Additionally, our warehouses are located in the United States. If we have a product listed, it is already on U.S. soil to ensure shorter transit times. As a retailer in Torrance, CA, we are the first stop from Japan. Torrance is home to many manufacturers subsidiary distributors, so we often are able to obtain new products far more quickly than other retailers that need to wait while their shipments are freighted across the rest of the U.S. As a registered reseller you can buy with the utmost confidence knowing our products are directly from the manufacturer's distributors. No counterfeits. Period.

What does this mean for our customers?

Again, buy with confidence knowing we only sell legitimate, authentic products from a handful of key manufacturer distributors. No lengthy or costly importing needed.  Customers in the continental United States get their products sooner with reliable shipping services from reputable carriers and tracking information free of cost with insurance. Our standard ground shipments can be lesser transit time compared to most expedited importing options.

Do we charge sales tax?

Yes, but only as appropriate subject to individual state law. As a legitimate business operating within the United States, we have the responsibility to report and pay our share of taxes.

Bottom Line?

Your shopping experience is extremely important to us and customer satisfaction is held with the highest regard. Simply put, without you, there is no us! Please, let us know how well we served you or perhaps what could have been better. Your experience matters.

Take pride in knowing that you are supporting a U.S. small business that shares your same passion for anime, otaku, and other various Japanese pop culture. It is our mission to bring you these specialized products with comfort in knowing you are purchasing 100% authentic and genuine products, handled and shipped with care to and from, and around the United States. We Love What We Do!