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[Series] Touhou Project

Who does not love to play the Touhou Project game editions? Since 1995, this video game has developed quite a lot. Its rich history suggests that Jun'ya Ota, pseudonym ZUN, has been developing all its requirements such as graphics, story, music, and programming of this game all alone. Till now, he has published more than 18 versions of the Touhou Project and is still carrying the legacy.

Being a diehard Touhou Project fan, you can collect top-class figurines with our assistance. We, at Ukiyokumo, find and handpick the best Touhou Project Figure from the houses of the top manufacturers in the world.

These branded figurines of Touhou Project comprise all kinds of versions of the main characters such as Tenshi Hinanai, Reimu Hakurei Genji, Youmu Konpaku, Marisa Kirisame, Satori Komeiji, Kokoro Hatano, etc.

All these items are manufactured, considering the latest definitions of the avatars of this video game. You will find these features perfectly detailed according to the game versions. The material used to construct these sculptures is highly durable. The color and pattern illustration meets the expectation of the fans perfectly.

Why wait then? Get the scaled figures, prize figures, and Nendoroid versions in our collection. Check the figurines you need to add your collection and complete your collection of Touhou Project.

Check the manufacturer's name and specifications of these items before adding them to your collection. Confirm the size of the products to make a good collection of these items.

Why wait then? Let us get started and build your world of Touhou Project.