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[Series] The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra, the second series of Avatar, is one of the noted anime series ever produced. The protagonist is a girl this time and she has issues with her behavior and decision-making. She is still in search of her purpose and eventually gets one at the end of the series. The storyline is remarkable and entirely different from what the fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender have witnessed.

Fans are fascinated by the design of this water-tribe girl who becomes the next Avatar of the four nations. Ukiyokumo presents the best Legend of Korra figure manufactured by the top houses as a collectible item. This collection contains the best creations from the leading design houses.

The features of this beloved anime character are well etched. Korra is an adorable, playful, and confident girl. Her diligence and dedication make her the strongest and feared among the enemies. To be a part of this franchise, collect the action figures in their best forms here.

All these items come with a certification of authenticity. They are made of superior material and perfectly represent the characters. If looking for a collection of Legend of Korra figure, you are at the right place. Get these items at the best price and enhance your collection.

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