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[Series] God Eater 2

The timeline of God Eater is set in 2071, an era where the angry gods rule the Far East. The earth was threatened and consumed by Oracle cells two decades ago (2050) and has succumbed to the fate of these gods. The surviving humanity lives infear due to the presence of Aragami, the gods who are immune to all kinds of weapons.

The only hope to the survivors is the group named God Arcs. They use these Oracle cells to fight against these angry gods. This force is called God Eaters.

This anime version of the video game creates a post-apocalyptic world that fans love, admire, and fantasize about. To pique your interest, Ukiyokumo presents the best action figures to be a part of your collection. Our God Eater figure is procured from the leading manufacturers of anime figurines globally.

You will find the Shio, Alisa Ilinichina Amiella, and Soma Schicksal in their best avatars. The scale and non-scale God Eater figure of these characters perfectly depicts their features. Even their expressions are etched in detail.

All these items can be pre-ordered at an affordable price in our online store. Get the best products from the top manufacturers if you are a die-hard fan of God Eaters. Make your collection complete with a God Eater figure of all the leading characters and fuel your imagination.

All you need is to register on our domain and pre-order them. Get these items delivered safely to your doorstep and make your anime buddies envy you.


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