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[Series] Code Geass

Anime fans will never forget the aura of Code Geass, a brilliant series that later got converted into light novels and manga. It was broadcasted in 2006 and continued till 2007 in Japan. To this date, this anime series is one of the most popular ones.

Its full name is Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, and its genre is mecha, military, and alternate history. In its storyline, an exiled prince named Lelouch vi Britannia gets Geass, a supernatural power from a woman of mystery named CC.

He leads a series of mecha battles against the Holy Britannian Empire. The series is based on these battles. The fascinating storyline of this anime is quite gripping. Fans across the world strive to find and collect Code Geass figure. These figurines come in different versions.

If you are a diehard fan of Code Geass, you will surely recognize the Nendoroid versions of Suzaku and Lelouch. Our collection also comprises the different avatars of the main characters of this anime series. 

Enter the world of Code Geass figure collection with Ukiyokumo, and start picking the best creations from the top manufacturing brands. Discover prize figures, Nendoroid, scale figures, and Figma versions of the leading characters and relive the best moments of this series.

All these items are designed and developed considering the finest details of the characters. The material used is of the highest grade for durability and color illustration.

Indulge in collecting all these items at the best price and complete your collection!


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