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[Series] Classroom Of The Elite

The world of anime never misses mesmerizing the fans. Classroom of the Elite is one brilliant creation the fandom is hooked to. Two of the best characters in this anime are female and fans treasure  their cuteness. Kei Karuizawa and Airi Sakura are their names.

To make it more memorable and to relive the best moments of this anime, Ukiyokumo presents the most detailed Classroom of the Elite figure of these two characters. These figurines are designed and developed on a solid foundation and are made of top-class durable material.

These scaled figures are real collectibles for the fans who wish to complete their collection of the Classroom of the Elite figure. The sultry and appealing appearance of the figurines of these top characters is designed by the leading manufacturing houses giving a stir to the fantasies of the admirers.

The details of these figurines have intricately covered the actual specification of the anime characters. The luscious golden locks of Kei Karuizawa and the auburn cascading hair of Sakura with her busty figure depict how thoughtfully the figurines have been designed.

Why wait then? Grab the ideal Classroom of the Elite figure by pre-ordering it and adding it to your collection. Be the envy of all your friends when you flaunt these original scale figures of this anime.

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