Cardcaptor Sakura is a fascinating world of anime where the storyline rotates around a school student named Sakura Kinomoto. She is an adorable character of this anime published in 1996-2000.

Her simple life turns upside down when she accidentally discovers a set of cards. When the magic behind these cards is revealed, she becomes one of the protectors of the planet from catastrophe. She eventually becomes the protagonist in this show even though she is just a junior high school student.

Her winsome features and behavior make anime fans enjoy the show quite a lot. They collect Cardcaptor Sakura Figure and complete their collections. To make it better, Ukiyokumo finds the most famed figurines of Sakura Hinomoto. Here, you will find handpicked editions of prize figures, Nendoroids, and scale figurines of this character.

All these items depict the features of this character in different forms or avatars. The anime had only 70 episodes leading to a new world that anime fans are captivated about. If you are a Cardcaptor fan, then build your collection. Let your peers feel envious when you collect all the limited edition figurines of Sakura. Here is what you need to do.

Focus on the specifications of the figurines. Check what you need to add to your collection, register, and create an account to put an order right away. Let us be a part of your Cardcaptor Sakura Figure world and make your personal space more beautiful. All the items in our infirmary are authentic. 

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