EXQ Figures

The universe of anime and the figurines of the most loved characters enthrall the fans all the time. They want to be a part of the created worlds of these fascinating characters. To fuel their imaginations, Banpresto has launched a unique product line named EXQ. An EXQ figure is a prize figurine version of these anime characters. The brand holds the copyright of the name.

Ukiyokumo presents the best collection of EXQ figure, procuring them from the inventory house of Banpresto. All these items are 100% original and come with accessories per description.

These anime and video-game models are of 8” in height approximately. The dimensions may vary. This product line of EXQ figurines is a surprise and joy for anime followers. It is the ideal affordable alternative for the fandom to collect figurines of their beloved characters without spending a fortune.

It is time to indulge in making your collection. Prepare a shelf or a cupboard just for your figurines! We present you the top collection of Banpresto EXQ figurines from the best anime and video games that originated in Japan.

All these items have detailed descriptions of their specifications. Make sure you read them and then add them to your cart. Register and access these items right away! Create your world with such figurines. You can also gift them to your anime buddies and surprise them. Place your order today and enjoy being a part of their world.  

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