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Nothing brings more joy to anime fans than collecting cards and figurines with their peers. They like to exchange figurines and cards to complete their collections. To have a complete collection of a particular anime or follow an iconic event, they buy trading figures from an authentic source. If you are an anime fan, you are at the right place to find such figurines.

Ukiyokumo presents the best-in-class trading figurine collection from different authentic sources. We follow the latest trends of classic and modern animes and videogames to collect the best items for fans like you.

All the items in our collection come in single or pack format. You can find the specifications of these items mentioned on the respective web pages. All you need to do is follow a genre, find the best collectable items in our portal, put an order and get them delivered right away.

In most cases, trading figures are randomly packed and sealed. When a customer opens the package, they come to know the figure sent. This fascinating thrill is what you seek when you order a pack of such items.

Start collecting these beautiful figurines made by the top brands in the world. All these items are made of PVC and other durable materials. These are the shorter versions of Nendoroid figurines, you can add to your collection of an anime show or a videogame.

Delve deeper into our collection! We keep upgrading them regularly for the fans by adding new items.

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