1/8 Scale Figures

Ukiyokumo presents a beautiful world of anime and video game figurines for all fans. We collect the best models inspired by the beloved anime and video game characters developed by the leading brands.

In this collection, you will discover the best 1/8 scale figure of all your favorite characters at their best avatars. All these scale figures are accurate according to their characteristic features and dimensions. Indulge yourself in collecting these items and add them to your permanent collection.

Delve deeper into the world of anime and games with such items. Give your fantasy the right fuel and enhance your collection with the latest sculpted models. All these items are made of top-class material, giving the features the right shape. Some of them are given new avatars that fans admire the most.

The best traits of a 1/8 scale figure in our collection are:

  • Perfect depiction of the characteristic features
  • Unique color combinations of the ensembles of these avatars
  • Figurines come with featured accessories
  • Built on a proper foundation for balance
  • Ideal size to match all the other figurines of your collection
  • 100% original products from the top manufacturing houses across the world
  • Affordable prices and payment schemes
  • Easy shipping

Our prime aim is to capture your fascination with anime and video games with these beautiful figurines. Indulge in discovering your favorite characters in their exclusive avatars and complete your collection. Let us make your fantasy world more beautiful! 

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