1/7 Scale Figures

The scale figures of the anime and video game characters make the universe of fantasy more beautiful the anime fans cannot get enough of these lovely sculptures manufactured by the top brands in the world. The beautiful, unique, and perfect illustration of the anime, manga, movie, and video game characters is out of the world. Ukiyokumo presents the ideal platform to enjoy the bliss of surfing and collecting the 1/7 Scale figure of your favorite characters.

Scale figures are the ideal items to add and create a collection. You can follow a genre and start looking for the different avatars of the characters. From DC to Marvel, anime world to manga universe; discover the artistic creations picked for you.

A 1/7 Scale figure in our collection is 100% authentic and has been procured directly from the house of top figurine manufacturers across the world. The certificate of authenticity of these items reflects from the detailed features of the characters illustrated in the design.

All these items are of high-quality PVC and resin. They come in a solid foundation to make them stand on tables, study desks, stands, cupboards, etc. The size and dimensions of a 1/7 Scale figure are highly accurate. All the features of these characters represented in an anime series, manga, video game, or movies are followed perfectly.

Why wait then? Indulge in creating a world of your own with the best 1/7 Scale figure of your favorite characters. Let’s get started right away!

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