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Why nekopara coconut figure is so popular?

One of the cutest catgirl characters in Nekopara is Coconut. Like her name, she is quite tough outside but very soft inside. Her ambitious attitude makes her one of the most lovable characters in the Nekopara universe and fans adore her.

She is the 3rd youngest catgirl in the MInaduki clan. Her not-quite feminine attitude with a mild complex personality makes her a little fanatic but quite dedicated to her human. Her master’s name is Shigure and she is so attached that fans envy him. It is her extraordinary physical capabilities that make her one of the strongest characters of this universe too. These are the reasons why the entire fandom wants the Nekopara Coconut figure as a significant part of their collections.

Her attires and avatars

Her maid avatar wearing a Patisserie La Soleil uniform makes her quite adorable. In fact, the beautiful pinkish tinge of her luscious hair gives her an extra edge among the other Minaduki catgirls. She always wants the best for her master but her lack of coordination ends almost every action in a hilarious failure.

She loves to help people and wants to be loved by them but her complex character and less-feminine side set her different from the rest. Her heterochromatic eyes and her tallest figure give her the edge. In fact, her busty body with her casual attire look is worth killing for.

The Nekopara Coconut figure is something that anime fans want because of her brilliant personality. The fans like to enjoy the memories of this adult anime and fantasize about her in real life. In fact, the hidden emotions behind her strict looks are also lovable.

No words are necessary anymore to explain why a Nekopara coconut figure is one of the most sought-after anime figurines that anime fans want!