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What are the best my hero academia figures?

My Hero Academia is one of the most famous anime series that fans are fanatics about. It is all about a modern-day world where people have special powers. They are called quirks. This world is full of chaos due to the extremely-powerful super villains. The professional heroes fight them to protect the world and to restore peace.

The fan base of My Hero Academia is huge. Fans across the world strive to find the best Hero Academia figures online. If you are a huge fan then here is what you can start your collection with.

Best Hero Academia figures

  • Nendoroid Izuku Midoriya Stealth Suit Version

This new suit version belongs to the latest movie ‘World Heroes’ Mission’ released in this series of anime. The leading hero Izuku Midoriya flaunts a stealth suit. The Nendoroid version of this figurine is adorable and impressive at the same time. This version of the Hero Academia figures comes with three faces. One is for combat, one has an adorable smile, and the other comes in a closed-eye smiling face.

  • Nendoroid Katsuki Bakugo Stealth Suit Version

Belonging to the same set of World Heroes’ Mission’, Bakugo also flaunts the stealth suit. This Nendoroid figurine also comes with three faces as the previous one. This set also includes the ‘Explosion’ Quirk this character has in the anime series.

  • Nendoroid Shoto Todoroki Stealth Suit Version

Your collection of My Hero Academia figures will be complete if you add this one to the previous ones. The stealth suit wielding Shoto Todoroki figure comes with the Half-Cold-Half-Hot quirk effect parts along with three expression faces.

Final words

These are the top three Hero Academia figures you must have in your My hero Academia collection. Complete the set of stealth suit characters of this anime and make your peers jealous!