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Top 2 Dark Souls figures to buy online

Gamers are enjoying their time playing exclusive creations online. One such popular entry is Dark Souls. This is a brilliant role-playing game where players can choose an undead cursed character and become a part of this world. The diehard fans collect Dark Souls figures as mementos and create their collections. If you are an appreciator of this game, here is a list of two items you can add to your action figure collection.

Top 2 Dark Souls figures

  1. Dark Souls Dragon Slayer SD Ornstein Non-Scale Figure

If you look closely, you will realize the prime stances of Ornstein during the boss fight modes of the game. This dragon slayer absorbs the strength of his comrades and gains some abilities to defeat Executioner Smough in the boss-mode chapter.

This action figure is a non-scale version of the robust character in this game. The version comes with a beautiful base with fires around him. The intricate features of his golden armor are perfectly depicted in these action figures. This is one of the most popular Dark Souls figures players and aficionados look for.

  1. Dark Souls The Great Grey Wolf Sif SD Non-Scale Figure

This Great Grey Wolf non-scale figure is a must-haveon your gaming table. This statue is conceptualized from the alternate cut scene version of the boss-mode chapter of this game. Sif, the Great Grey Wolf realizes the player’s scent and howls mightily before the battle begins. Indeed, this moment is memorable for the gamers. The thrill of this chapter is undeniable, which makes this action figure quite popular among the players.


Collect these 2 Dark Souls figures and make your collection complete. These are limited edition entries from First 4 Figures, the leading manufacturer. Grab your pieces today and be proud to flaunt them.