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The 6 konosuba figure in 2021

‘Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World’ is a light Japanese novel is based on Kazuma Sato, the protagonist. After his death, he is sent to a certain dimension where he teams with an archwizard, crusader, and a goddess named Aqua. Both of them become a team and participate in a massive role-playing game world.

Best Konosuba anime figures

If you are an aficionado and want to enhance your collection then you must get the following figures:

  1.     Konosuba Aqua Bunny Bare Leg version

Aqua is the deuteragonist of this anime series. She makes an alliance with the protagonist character in a multiplayer world and becomes a hit character for the anime watchers. The bare bunny leg version is a real catch to collect and add to your collection.

  1.     Konosuba Megumin China dress version

This is a 1/7th scale version of the character Megumin of this anime world. The red Chinese dress version is a brilliant addition to your collection. It comes with a detachable meat bun. When removed, you can see her cute smile.

  1.     Konosuba Yunyun China dress version

This is also a 1/7th scale of Yunyun, the special anime character, which comes with her impressive curves. Her Chinese bodice attire is second to none. This anime figure has meat bun containers in her hand as an accessory, unlike the Konosuba Aqua figure.

  1.     Konosuba Iris Band of Thieves version

This is a 1/7the scale version of Iris in her ‘Band of Thieves’ attire. This figure can be recreated using her clothes and can be paired with Megumin.

  1. Pop Up Parade Megumin

This beautiful figurine comes in pop-up parade attire with a beautiful combination of blue and white.


  1. Pop Up Parade Darkness

Darkness, the masochistic character, comes in a pop-up parade dress version with her quirky natural look.

These are the top options along with the Konosuba Aqua figure you can buy online for your collection!