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Super Sonico 10th anniversary wedding figure - the most gorgeous figures you must have in collection

Super Sonico started as a game and has become a sensation with its Japanese manga series. Super Sonico is a fictional character who is an 18-years old student studying in a college. She is an attractive young woman whom manga fans adore.

Her 10th-anniversary wedding figurine has been one of the most popular choices of the fans to collect. See how gorgeous this anime figurine is for your collection.

Top features of Super Sonico wedding anime scale figure

  • 1/6th version

This Super Sonico 10th anniversary wedding figure is the 1/6th version of the original character of this franchise. It is manufactured by Good Smile Company, one of the leading brands of scale figures these days.

  • Remarkable detail

The features of this character attract the attention of the entire anime fandom. She is voluptuous and playful. She is at her tender age and is about to get married. The fantastic detailing of this anime figurine shows how she boldly adorns a skimpy wedding dress. The intricate work done on her dress are unmatchable. Her appearance in an attractive avatar triggers the fantasy of the fans.

  • Foundation

Apart from the detailed features, this sculpted anime scale figure comes on a red step foundation. It also has a lunar background with wings and stars. Her revealing features in the white wedding dress matches well with the red-carpeted base.

  • Original design

The Super Sonico 10th anniversary wedding figure is based on the original character and depicts her happiness. This figure is a collectible for anime fans who adore her beauty.


These features surely make the Super Sonico 10th anniversary wedding figure a must-add item to your collection. Buy this scale figure from Ukiyokumo, and make your collection worthy.