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Pre-order Supply Chain Woes

Pre-order Supply Chain Woes

For those with concerns about arrival statues, products are still on the way! But, they have encountered some very stubborn friction as they both leave their origin and arrive at major destination ports such as the Port of Los Angles and Long Beach in California resulting in substantial, further, unforeseen delays than anyone originally anticipated.

in the United States. Luckily, we are located in California within miles of the distribution centers so we will likely be receiving items more quickly than those that still need to freight across country to midwest and east coast retailers. Phew!

From a lack of storage spaces limiting off-loading, to shortages in trucks, trailers, and workers, the problem has become a major pain point.

If an item has not yet arrived and was scheduled for a July to November release, there is a strong chance it is literally sitting on one of the ships in the below picture, which are essentially waiting in line for their turn. If an item is scheduled to be released from December onward, we will need to see how quickly the United States can implement a solution for the bottleneck before being able to further assess future arrival times.

Satellite Image of Container Ships

Many shipment manifests have still yet to be fully collected until they berth (or dock) to begin offloading so specific information by item is limited at the moment. Per usual, we will update product statuses accordingly as they are received and send email notifications once an item physically arrives at our warehouse.

Cargo Congestion

Currently there are 50+ cargo ships anchored off the coast of California each carrying between 10,000-24,000 individual containers, also each containing thousands of products. 

Let's face it, times are tough for the selling and buying of practically any type of product right now that require it to be imported. From standard household goods, car parts, electronics, exercise equipment, etc. and TOYS (or figures/statues as we call them here).

The supply chain is having record growing number of shortages across all industries and have particularly affected our projected arrival timelines for new pre-order products and for that we are sorry. Rest assured, any pre-orders that you make or have made are still safe and secure, and we will be with you until the end. Thank you for your continued trust and commitment with our services.