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Jibril Figure: The most fashionable anime gift

‘No Game No Life’ is a light novel, manga, and anime that fans love to watch. It is based on a series where certain human gamers vouched to defeat the god of games in board games. These games are played in series adding thrill to the storyline. Anime fans like this series due to its excellent story building and character development.

One of the most favorite characters is Jibril. She is the youngest of the Flugel Clan and is the strongest too. She left her home Avant Heim in to defeat the previous king and take back the National Library of Elkia. Anime fans are in love with this beautiful character and want to add a Jibril Figure to their collections.

Why it can be the best gift?

There is no doubt that the Jibril Figure will be the best gift for an anime aficionado. This action figure has different versions available online to add to a collection. Here is a list of such versions you can buy as a gift.

  1.     Jibril Bunny version

This busty 11/4th scale action figure of Jibril is one of a kind. It can be the best gift for an adult anime admirer. This busty pink bunny version of stalking shows her beautiful mature aura. It is a brilliant addition to all the other figurines from this anime series. You will also find its purple version to choose from for a special gift.

  1.     Jibril Original

The original version of this anime character represents her in a relaxed version holding a book. It also comes with a set of books depicting her thirst for knowledge in this universe. This Jibril Figure depicts her real character.

Best gift for the anime best fans

A Jibril Figure is the best gift one can give to an anime fan. Find these options online and choose!