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Exploring the beautiful love live ruby figure

‘Love Live! Sunshine!!’ is one of the most popular anime series fans like to watch. The light moments make them roll on the floor with laughter. They also fall in love with the main character, Ruby Kurosawa, due to her extraordinary features. Her beautiful blue eyes and luscious auburn hair make her perfect to adore. Fans cannot stop them from buying a Love Live Ruby figure depicting her flustered posture while running with an ice cream in hand. Let us take a look at the features of this anime scale figure.

Features of the Love Live Ruby figure

  • 1/7th scale figure

This 1/7th scale figure is 215mm in height and has an ardent base to support it. It is made of durable material and colored according to the original character in the anime.

  • Features and illustrations

The features and illustration of this anime scale figure are up to the mark. Her luscious auburn bouncing hair has been depicted well. She is wearing a blue one-piece dress, an iconic ensemble from the first season. Her appearance in this figure is quite adorable. She is running with a frosty cone in her hand and striving to balance her act.

Her body parts, dress, accessories, and ice cream are dimensionally relevant and correct to the highest level. This is why the Love Live Ruby figure is so popular among fans.

  • The perfect moment

This scale figure perfectly captures the moment the fans adore. The sculpture is well-balanced on a solid foundation. Fans can keep on their desks, tables, and cupboards.

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