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Everything you need to know about anime scale figures as a new collector

Once you are an anime fan, you cannot stop watching and enjoying the fabulous storytelling and artwork. You will surely get hooked and continue being a part of a huge fandom. To make things more interesting, anime lovers find anime scale figures of the characters they admire the most and collect.

What is an anime scale figure? For newbie fans, here is a detailed description of figurines.

What are anime scale figures?

An anime is Japanese animation, depicting characters of a new world created with exclusive storytelling. It is a 2D animated representation of a set of characters. The anime scale figures are the exact representation of the 2D characters in the form of 3D scaled figurines. These are statues made of superior material with a remarkable and detailed finish. The top manufacturers ensure that these figurines have all the features of a character as displayed in a series.

There are different kinds of anime figurines that fans collect. They are made of resin or plastic and colored according to the features described in the respective series. The types of anime figurines are:

  • Prize figures (not according to the scale)
  • Scale figures (a replica of the actual character)
  • Figma (comes with a particular famous pose)
  • Nendoroid (comes with a cure chibi design where the head is bigger than the body and limbs)

The anime scale figures are the exact representation of the anime characters. You will find different sizes where the scale is reduced, and all the measurements are converted accordingly. These figurines cost more than the rest as it takes immense detailing to create such statues.


Being a new collector, concentrate on finding the best manufacturer and the right online store for authentic items and better prices. Why wait then? Start finding your favorite anime scale figures and create a collection.