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Exploring the beautiful love live ruby figure

‘Love Live! Sunshine!!’ is one of the most popular anime series fans like to watch. The light moments make them roll on the floor with laughter. They also fall in love with the main character, Ruby Kurosawa, due to her extraordinary features. Her beautiful blue eyes and luscious auburn hair make her perfect to adore. Fans cannot stop them from buying a Love Live Ruby figure depicting her flustered posture while running with an ice cream in hand. Let us take a look at the features of this anime scale figure.

Features of the Love Live Ruby figure

  • 1/7th scale figure

This 1/7th scale figure is 215mm in height and has an ardent base to support it. It is made of durable material and colored according to the original character in the anime.

  • Features and illustrations

The features and illustration of this anime scale figure are up to the mark. Her luscious auburn bouncing hair has been depicted well. She is wearing a blue one-piece dress, an iconic ensemble from the first season. Her appearance in this figure is quite adorable. She is running with a frosty cone in her hand and striving to balance her act.

Her body parts, dress, accessories, and ice cream are dimensionally relevant and correct to the highest level. This is why the Love Live Ruby figure is so popular among fans.

  • The perfect moment

This scale figure perfectly captures the moment the fans adore. The sculpture is well-balanced on a solid foundation. Fans can keep on their desks, tables, and cupboards.

Get Ruby Kurosawa figure today

Find this beautiful Love Live Ruby figure today on Ukiyokumo, the leading online store for anime action figures. The online store ensures the original edition from the top manufacturers globally and offers the items at the best prices. 

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What you need to know about BATMAN Figure

Who does not love Batman? He is a man with superhuman intelligence and agility, carrying the weaknesses of all the Justice League members. His abilities are frightening to the villains, as well as, the superheroes! This character intrigues the action figures collector the most due to its exclusive appearances and stances.

A collection without a BATMAN Figure is incomplete. Here is what you need to know about the action figures of Batman available online.

Things to know about a BATMAN Figure

  1. Different versions

The action comic appearance of Batman has many timelines and versions. The creators of Batman, Bill Finger, and Bob Kane have gifted us something that we will always adore. His appearances varied from time to time. The movies and animation series had their versions giving him a ruthless appearance feared by all the miscreants.

You need to find out the version you want. From modern to classic, you will discover a BATMAN Figure with a proper definition of features. Hence, your prime aim should be focusing on the features and details of the action figure available online for possession.

  1. Illustration

Sometimes, the action figure manufacturers concentrate on the best moments of the animation series or movies to create an action figure. The depiction of the moment makes the fans remember how this unique superhero took a stand against evil all the time.

  1. Material and specification

A BATMAN Figure comes in different shapes and sizes. The scale figures match the features of the original creation. Prize figures, on the other hand, are not that accurate but come at a lower price.


This is all you need to know about the best BATMAN Figure you can find online. Make sure you have an authentic source to buy and complete your collection. 

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Super Sonico 10th anniversary wedding figure - the most gorgeous figures you must have in collection

Super Sonico started as a game and has become a sensation with its Japanese manga series. Super Sonico is a fictional character who is an 18-years old student studying in a college. She is an attractive young woman whom manga fans adore.

Her 10th-anniversary wedding figurine has been one of the most popular choices of the fans to collect. See how gorgeous this anime figurine is for your collection.

Top features of Super Sonico wedding anime scale figure

  • 1/6th version

This Super Sonico 10th anniversary wedding figure is the 1/6th version of the original character of this franchise. It is manufactured by Good Smile Company, one of the leading brands of scale figures these days.

  • Remarkable detail

The features of this character attract the attention of the entire anime fandom. She is voluptuous and playful. She is at her tender age and is about to get married. The fantastic detailing of this anime figurine shows how she boldly adorns a skimpy wedding dress. The intricate work done on her dress are unmatchable. Her appearance in an attractive avatar triggers the fantasy of the fans.

  • Foundation

Apart from the detailed features, this sculpted anime scale figure comes on a red step foundation. It also has a lunar background with wings and stars. Her revealing features in the white wedding dress matches well with the red-carpeted base.

  • Original design

The Super Sonico 10th anniversary wedding figure is based on the original character and depicts her happiness. This figure is a collectible for anime fans who adore her beauty.


These features surely make the Super Sonico 10th anniversary wedding figure a must-add item to your collection. Buy this scale figure from Ukiyokumo, and make your collection worthy.

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Top 3 best pre-order Cardcaptor Sakura Figure from Ukiyokumo

Cardcaptor Sakura is a series based on Japanese manga. It has created a big stir in the anime fandom with the exclusive storytelling and character features. It has also created a new world where Sakura, a ten-year-old kid stumbles upon a box containing a stack of cards with divine powers. This is how the story begins and manages to keep the fans enticed. The popularity has driven all the Cardcaptor Sakura Figure collections in the online stores empty. Here is a list of items you can buy and complete your collection.

Top 3 Cardcaptor Sakura Figures

  1. Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Prize Figure

Straight from the house of Taito, a leading anime figurine manufacturer, this version depicts the detailed illustration of the clear card version. Sakura adorns a cute pink ensemble with her staff showing all her powers. This Cardcaptor Sakura Figure comes with a starry foundation and makes a beautiful collectible item.

  1. Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Q Posket Petit

This 70mm collectible action figure is Cardcaptor Sakura is ideal for its unique illustration. It comes in a cute version of a green and orange ensemble, making her look adorable. In this action figure, she looks like an innocent child but is a master of the cards.

  1. Cardcaptor Sakura Special Sakura Tomoeda Junior High School Uniform Prize Figure

As mentioned earlier, she is a junior high school student who owns a stack of divine cards and musters immense power. In this Cardcaptor Sakura Figure, she adorns a school dress with a bag and her favorite toy. The innocence of this prize figure makes it a must-add item for your collection.

Final words

These are the top three choices that Cardcaptor Sakura fans strive to get their hands on. Visit Ukiyokumo to get all these items at the best price and complete your collection. 

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Top 2 Dark Souls figures to buy online

Gamers are enjoying their time playing exclusive creations online. One such popular entry is Dark Souls. This is a brilliant role-playing game where players can choose an undead cursed character and become a part of this world. The diehard fans collect Dark Souls figures as mementos and create their collections. If you are an appreciator of this game, here is a list of two items you can add to your action figure collection.

Top 2 Dark Souls figures

  1. Dark Souls Dragon Slayer SD Ornstein Non-Scale Figure

If you look closely, you will realize the prime stances of Ornstein during the boss fight modes of the game. This dragon slayer absorbs the strength of his comrades and gains some abilities to defeat Executioner Smough in the boss-mode chapter.

This action figure is a non-scale version of the robust character in this game. The version comes with a beautiful base with fires around him. The intricate features of his golden armor are perfectly depicted in these action figures. This is one of the most popular Dark Souls figures players and aficionados look for.

  1. Dark Souls The Great Grey Wolf Sif SD Non-Scale Figure

This Great Grey Wolf non-scale figure is a must-haveon your gaming table. This statue is conceptualized from the alternate cut scene version of the boss-mode chapter of this game. Sif, the Great Grey Wolf realizes the player’s scent and howls mightily before the battle begins. Indeed, this moment is memorable for the gamers. The thrill of this chapter is undeniable, which makes this action figure quite popular among the players.


Collect these 2 Dark Souls figures and make your collection complete. These are limited edition entries from First 4 Figures, the leading manufacturer. Grab your pieces today and be proud to flaunt them.

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Why Genshin Impact Figures are so popular?

Time and again, gacha games prove to be the best stress-busters for the new generation. The fandom around this unique genre is quite ardent, and they like to collect items related to the characters. Launched in 2020, this online gaming platform offers players a new dimension, where they spend hours overcoming challenges. Genshin Impact is one such video game that keeps the fans hooked. They also prefer collecting a Genshin Impact Figure and showing their affection.

Let us find out the reasons behind the popularity of this action figure.

Reasons for popularity of Genshin Impact Figure

  1. Top-class illustration

The leading manufacturers of anime and game figurines focus on the detail of these characters and include the best features to enthrall the fans. Figurines like Ganyu Frostdew, Ningguang, Apex Keqing Piercing Thunderbolt, Mona Mirror Reflection of Doom, Klee The Spark Knight, etc are the top choices among the fans.

  1. Covers different genres of action figures

All these action figures come with exclusive stances and various forms. For instance, you will find Figma, scale figures, prize figures, and others in this segment. The price of these items varies, considering the features and genres of figurines.

  1. Detailed features and visual traits

As mentioned earlier, every character has playable features to execute in the game. These designs and stances are found in these action figures too. A Genshin Impact Figure collection is thus a blissful hobby for hardcore fans.

  1. Exclusive prices

The leading authentic online stores offer excellent prices for these items for collectors. They can afford such items as the stores offer discounts and price drops, making them quite popular.


These are the reasons behind the popularity of the entire collection of Genshin Impact Figures. Find an authentic store online and start collecting these action figures. Become a part of this clan and flaunt your collection.

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5 Tips You Should Know for Collecting Anime Figures online!

What if you can find your favorite anime characters in your hands in the form of beautiful figurines? Life could not be better for an anime fan, isn’t it? Buying anime figures online and creating a collection is bliss for anime lovers like you. For starters, there is a list of tips you need to follow to make your purchase worthy and to avail of these best anime assets available online.

Tips to collect anime figures online

  1. Anime figurines manufacturers

There are only a few manufacturers who stick to the protocols and create the best anime figures online. These figures are dimensionally correct, highly accurate, and made of durable material. The leading manufacturers cover all the genres of anime and follow the latest trends of the anime fandom.

  1. Reputed online sellers

The second most important tip is to find a registered and reputed online anime figurine seller. Not all sellers are authentic and often sell low-graded products. You will need a genuine seller to ensure original masterpieces from the top manufacturers.

  1. Types of figures

There are different genres of anime figurines manufactured and sold in the market. The three most sought-after genres are Nendoroid, prize figures, and scale figures. Consider studying the features of these three genres of anime figures online and then focus on creating or completing a collection.

  1. Material

Check the material used for manufacturing these figurines. The choice of material determines the degree of illustration of the character features. It also determines the durability and tolerance of these items.

  1. Editions and avatars

Many anime figures online come in different editions and avatars. Focus on collecting the various avatars of the same anime character and completing their collections. A complete set will add more value to your collection.


The points mentioned above are the 5 best tips from expert collectors to follow and buy anime figures online.

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Know all about freeing Figures

One of the best anime figurines manufacturers, Freeing has created a brilliant product line admired by all anime fans. The best collection can be found online for sale. It has covered the leading anime characters that the fandom follows in different anime series.

All these characters come in the best-detailed shapes and designs. Covering all the genres of anime figurines, it has created a world of fascination and fantasy for the anime fandom.

Let us take a quick peek into this world of Freeing figures.

All about Freeing figures

From nendoroids to prize figures, Freeing has covered all the genres. The team works on the designs and structures of the top anime characters and gives the fans the ideal figurines and dolls to collect. They also focus on creating new avatars to fuel the fantasy of fans.

It uses resin, high-quality plastic, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to create such figures. The design team focuses on the features of the characters in detail and makes the action figures more lucrative.

The prime features of the Freeing figures are:

  • It covers the four major segments of action figurines ranging from nendoroids to scaled figures.
  • It chooses the best avatars and often comes up with new avatars to make the collections of anime fans bigger and better.
  • The illustration and detail of all the items in its collection are unmatchable.
  • These items have durable features that can withstand dust, grime, and sunlight to a great extent.
  • It upgrades its anime figurine product line by introducing the latest fads and popular choices from the world over.
  • The price of the items is comparatively affordable.

Grab the best Freeing figurines

Get started with the Freeing figures available at the online anime figurine stores. Make sure you buy the authentic products from a registered seller and enhance your anime figurine collection based on the latest anime series. 

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The 4 best Hatsune Miku figures for collectors

The Japanese are very creative with brilliant imagination. Their rich minds have come up with a remarkable genre of animated presentations. Even Vocaloid or voice-bank software has given a fantastic shape so that people can imagine its features and correlate. One such brilliant example is Hatsune Miku. She was created in 2007 by a software firm named Crypton Future Media.

This imaginative hologram representation of a piece of Vocaloid software became highly popular. Fans buy a Hatsune Miku Figure from the leading online action figure stores all over the world.

If you are a collector, here is a list of the top 4 figurines to check out.

Top 4 Hatsune Miku figures

  1. Hatsune Miku Noodle Stopper Hatsune Miku (Villain Version)

Manufactured by FURYU Corporation, she comes in her villainous attire with a pair of horns and a tail. Her simple yet elegant blue hair circling the horns makes her look cute and loveable. This action figure is 130mm in height.

  1. Hatsune Miku Wonderland Rapunzel Hatsune Miku Prize Figure

This is the wonderland version of the Hatsune Miku Figure. It comes with Rapunzel blue braids in her adorable pink dress. This is a prize figure with 180 mm in height. The detail of this prize figure is remarkable and is a great item for your Hatsune Miku collection.

  1. Hatsune Miku Happy Birthday 2021 AMP (Happy Cat Version) Prize Figure

The catty version of this cute Vocaloid is breathtaking. It comes in a prize figure of 230mm in height and a ‘Happy Birthday’ sign.

  1. Hatsune Miku Wonderland (Little Red Riding Hood) Prize Figure

This 180mm prize figure represents Hatsune Miku as the Red Riding Hood. Her beautiful red dress and a ribbon-clad basket are eye-candy for admirers.

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Everything you need to know about anime scale figures as a new collector

Once you are an anime fan, you cannot stop watching and enjoying the fabulous storytelling and artwork. You will surely get hooked and continue being a part of a huge fandom. To make things more interesting, anime lovers find anime scale figures of the characters they admire the most and collect.

What is an anime scale figure? For newbie fans, here is a detailed description of figurines.

What are anime scale figures?

An anime is Japanese animation, depicting characters of a new world created with exclusive storytelling. It is a 2D animated representation of a set of characters. The anime scale figures are the exact representation of the 2D characters in the form of 3D scaled figurines. These are statues made of superior material with a remarkable and detailed finish. The top manufacturers ensure that these figurines have all the features of a character as displayed in a series.

There are different kinds of anime figurines that fans collect. They are made of resin or plastic and colored according to the features described in the respective series. The types of anime figurines are:

  • Prize figures (not according to the scale)
  • Scale figures (a replica of the actual character)
  • Figma (comes with a particular famous pose)
  • Nendoroid (comes with a cure chibi design where the head is bigger than the body and limbs)

The anime scale figures are the exact representation of the anime characters. You will find different sizes where the scale is reduced, and all the measurements are converted accordingly. These figurines cost more than the rest as it takes immense detailing to create such statues.


Being a new collector, concentrate on finding the best manufacturer and the right online store for authentic items and better prices. Why wait then? Start finding your favorite anime scale figures and create a collection.

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Explore The Best Japanese Action Figures From Japanese Figure Store In The US

If you are a true fan of Japanese anime, then you need to have the best collection of anime figures to show for it. However, finding the anime figures that you want is no easy task. While in Japan, there are local stores where one can find the best anime figures. For all the other kids from different countries, it is essential to find the best anime figures. For these kids, there are online stores that can be helpful. If you want to make sure that you have the best deals online for online anime figures, you need to find the best Japanese Figure Store for your collection.

Make Sure To Buy From A Reputable Place

For someone who buys anime figures for the first time, it is quite easy to fall into the bootleg trap and buy fake figures. So, you must be extra careful in choosing the shop where you buy from. Always go to the reputable shops near you, so  get the right figures with top quality. We are here to tell you that,  Ukiyokumo is the best Japanese Figure Store to buy figures from. 

If you find something that you like, you must preorder it first. There might be a chance that other people are looking for the product, and you don’t want to miss out on the deal. The best way to avoid missing out on the product is to place an order even before purchasing it.


You will want to find the best Japanese Figure Store to get your hands on the anime figures of your choice. You are in luck because Ukiyokumo has superior anime figures to complement your collection.

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What You Need To Know About My Hero Academia Figure

Attention, fans of the My Hero Academia!! This is your chance to get the best My Hero Academia figure and add it to your collection right now. Collecting action figures is something that most fans love to do as it is their way of showing the utmost devotion and love they have for a series or movie. The case is no different with the My Hero Academia fans as well. While there are so many anime figures to choose from, My Hero Academia is one of the most popular choices. For people who don’t have a brick-and-mortar figure shop in their area, online shopping is the next best thing. But where to look for the best My Hero Academia figures? Well, we have got you covered right here at Ukiyokumo.com.

Best Deals on My Hero Academia Figure Online

This is the right time to expand your My Hero Academia Figure collection as Ukiyokumo.com has come up with a brilliant collection of My Hero Academia Figures that you can choose from. These figures are designed with authentic and life-like features and will be a great addition to your collection. Don’t miss out on the deals as you will regret later. You can find the My Hero Academia figure that you are looking for from our huge collection of toy figures.

When choosing an online shop for purchasing toy figures, you need to ensure that you choose a reliable one and has the collections you are looking for. Well, your search for a proper anime figure ends right here at Ukiyokumo.com because we have an enormous collection of remarkable My Hero Academia figures that will capture your eyes and heart the moment you look at them. There are discounted rates on the models, which allow you to purchase the product at affordable prices. Trust us when we say you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

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