• Top 3 Albedo figures in 2021

    Posted on by Dharanidhar Mahapatra

    Albedo, one of the fascinating villains of a novel series named Overlord. She is an obsessive succubus with superhuman skills and a merciful character that anime lovers find thrilling. Her sensual character comprising a curvy body gives the Albedo figure the best presentation. Her impeccable beauty can be seen reflecting from her luscious black hair and big black wings.

    Top 3 Albedo figures

    Anime figure collectors are engrossed to watch this character in Overlord doing mischief all around. This is why they want to add these three different avatars of her to their collections:

    1.     Overload Albedo wing version

    Her special appearance in this anime series has been scaled in a 1/7th size figure. This figure comprises her jet-black wings and hair. In fact, the wind effect of this figure is so unique. Her graceful yet playful look shows her real character in this figure.

    1.     Overlord Albedo Bikini version

    Nothing can be more impressive than a playful villainous succubus in a white bikini. This Albedo figure comes in a brilliant white bikini flaunting her jet-black wings and luscious hair. Her lustful eyes make this anime figure the ideal collective item to own and add to your collection.

    1.     Overload Albedo wedding dress version

    Adorning a wedding dress and a bouquet in her hand, Albedo looks like a dream girl for the fans. The purple tinge in her hair and her devilish smile with a bouquet of white flowers make her look beautiful. The perfect depiction of her appearance in this scale figure is impeccable.

    How to order Albedo figures?

    These are the three top Albedo figure versions you can add to your collection. These scale figures can be found in popular anime figure shops online. All you need to do is to check the name of the manufacturer or vendor along with the product description before ordering.  

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  • The Difference between Prize Figures & Scale Figures

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    Collectors who prefer collecting anime figures often get confused between prize figures and anime figures. An anime character can be available in both figure forms. So, what makes these two terms different? Let us take a quick look at the difference between scale figures and prize figures.

    Difference between prize and scale figures

    Anime prize figures are the cheaper alternatives of the scale figures that collectors often choose. These figures can be found in the prize-winning machines installed in the retail spaces or any public place.

    These figures are the exact yet cheapest versions of the scale figures but are made of different materials. In some cases, the finishing of these figures might not be as neat as the scale figures but can be considered.

    Another catch regarding prize figures is that these items are restricted to the Japanese audience only. It cannot be found in online shops in other countries. These anime prize figures can be availed of by pre-ordering in reputed anime figure shops online.

    Some of the collectors often go for second-hand prize figures but often end up disappointed as the items are not preserved properly. This is the prime difference between the anime prize figures and scale figures.

    Why should you choose prize figures?

    If you want to populate your collection without spending a fortune, you can go for such items. These items can be pre-ordered from authentic anime figure shops online. You will not have to be in Japan or be in the country to get your hands on such impressive items.

    Just find the right website where you can pre-order these items and populate your collection. Scale figures can cost 10 times more than anime prize figures. It depends on your decision of investment but prize figures are good for collectors in terms of quality and price.

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  • Hatsune Miku figure: Most desirable figure in 2021 for collectors!

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    Hatsune Miku, the first Vocaloid in Japan, is developed by Crypton Future Media Inc. She has a total of 4 versions. In fact, she is also the first member belonging to the Character Vocal Series 01. Her voice comes from Saki Fujita, a renowned Japanese voice actress.

    She is quite popular among anime fans. In fact, the Hatsune Miku Figure is one of the most sought-after anime figures bought online. She comes in different attire giving the fans a lot to collect and admire her beautiful expressions.

    Why Hatsune Miku Figure is most desirable?

    Her high-pitched voice and sweet tone first appeared on the Nico Nico Douga website. It is a YouTube-resembling website that streams videos. Immediately, this Vocaloid version became highly popular due to her expressions and impressive voice.

    It is a virtual idol that became wildly popular among anime fans even though she is not a part of any manga or graphic novel. The fan base increased over the years resulting in the anime figure manufacturers developing this figure.

    The Hatsune Miku Figure comes in different shapes and formats. The most famous among them is the traditional Japanese Kyoto Nippon Festival 2019 version where she adorns a flawless dress. The outfit designer for this figure has been lauded for his excellent visualizations.

    Another brilliant version anime lovers like to purchase is her Thailand Support 2019 racing avatar where she holds an umbrella matching her blue dress.

    Another impressive version of this character is available in the ‘Supercell World is Mine’ version. Her cute and selfish expression will give a real twist to your collection.

    The diversity in the Hatsune Miku Figure shows how popular she is in 2021. Fans cannot get enough of her and admire how this Vocaloid character is created. Find out more avatars of her online and get the best figures for your collection!

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